they had ceased to talk
for violin, viola, horn in F, and piano (1975)

11 min.

11 May 1975
William Hoyt, horn / Daniel Starr, violin / Linda Sanders, viola / David Bishop, piano
Sprague Hall, Yale University
New Haven, CT

Written for William Hoyt and David Bishop
". . . as on a darkling plain"

I originally planned this work as a horn trio to be performed on the same concert with Brahms' Trio in E-flat, Op. 40. In the early stages of composition, however, I changed it to a quartet which in its musical function is a modified trio. Recognizing that the acoustic balance between solo horn and solo violin is often tentative, I added the viola to bridge the timbres of these two instruments, actually combining it to the horn. The work is in one movement consisting of four sections. It is dedicated to hornist William Hoyt and pianist David Bishop. The title comes from Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse.

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