Chez Vous
for voice and piano (1983; rev. 2007)

3 min.

Premiere of Original Version (1983):
14 April 1983
Marni Nixon, soprano / Paul Trueblood, piano
The Center for Inter-American Relations
New York, NY

Premiere of Revised Version (2007):
30 April 2015
Eine Kleine Hausmusik presents
Meet the Century Composer: Songs of Chester Biscardi
Judith Bettina, soprano / James Goldsworthy, piano
The Century Association
New York City

Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

C4 – G5

Written for Composers Recordings, Inc. Gala Benefit 1983

Biscardi Music Press No. B48-83/07-3
Classical Vocal Reprints No. CVR4100: Print / Digital


My dearest love,
Speaking metaphoric'ly,
You are a home to me,
And so I serenade you thus:

Your rooms have special charms;
The chairs all seem to wait with open arms,
   Chez vous.

And floating here and there,
Intriguing strains of music fill the air,
   Chez vous.

Your windows face the east;
Your plants enjoy the feast,
And flowers show their faces
In unexpected places.

Your atmosphere is warm.
In short, I find my port in any storm
   Chez vous.

The television screen
Is always fastened firmly to Thirteen,
   Chez vous.

And here's a precious boon:
The piano's always perfectly in tune,
   Chez vous.

The Rigaud candle burns,
The Calder mobile turns,
The sofa seems to beckon,
The kitchen sings of schnecken.

So vast is your appeal,
Nowhere do I feel
   More at home . . .
      Than I do . . .
         Chez vous.

Sheldon Harnick

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