Modern Love Songs : What a Coincidence
for voice and piano (1997)

3 min.

7 October 1997
Chester Biscardi, voice and piano
The Coffee House Club
New York, NY

Lyrics by William Zinsser

medium voice (original): B♭3 – D5
high voice: D4 – F#5

Biscardi Music Press No. B48-97-1 (available on request)
Classical Vocal Reprints:
High Voice No. CVR3618: Print / Digital
Medium Voice No. CVR3617:Print / Digital
Theodore Font Musical Literature, Inc.


What a coincidence!
That you should come along
Just when I was wishing
That someone just like you
Would come along and end my lonely night.

What a coincidence!
That you should prove me wrong
Just when I was thinking
That nothing in my world
Was going right.

   What a fantastic, amazing contradiction of the odds!
   My lucky day!
   What a roll of the dice,
   Suffice it to say
   You're a gift from the strict, unpredictable gods.

What an astonishment!
That you were lonely too.
Just when you were wishing
That someone you could love
Might possibly be waiting, waiting just for you.
What a coincidence!
Or was it always meant to be?
That the someone who was waiting,
Who was always meant to love you,
Was me?

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