Modern Love Songs : I Wouldn't Know About That
for voice and piano (1997)

3 min.

1 November 1998
Gabriel Alfieri, baritone /Richard Cumming, piano
The American Voice: A Recital of American Music; Reisinger Concert Hall, Sarah Lawrence College
Bronxville, NY

Lyrics by William Zinsser

medium voice (original): A3 – E5
high voice: C4 – G5

Biscardi Music Press No. B48-98-2 (available on request)
Classical Vocal Reprints:
High Voice No. CVR3618: Print / Digital
Medium Voice No. CVR3617:Print / Digital
Theodore Font Musical Literature, Inc.


When you're in love, they say you walk on air,
I wouldn't know about that.
When you're in love, ev'ry day's a country fair.
I wouldn't know about
   That kind of transcendental state.
   I wake up to the same old world,
   The same plat-du-jour on my plate.

When you're in love, they say your heart beats fast,
I wouldn't know about that.
All you can think is, "It's much too good to last,"
And yet it does.
I wouldn't know about
   That kind of buzz,
   My pulse is slow,
   My heart is steady.
   I only know
   I'm ready . . .

      Ready for that once-in-a-lifetime kick,
      The click/that's heard in ev'ry romantic plot,
      But not by me.
      Why can't that happen to me?
      Please make that happen to me!
      I'm ready for that thunderbolt
            that suddenly knocks you flat.
      I'd like to know about that.

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