Published Articles

Address given to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Alumni Council of the Wisconsin Alumni Association at the Great Hall of the Wisconsin Union of the University of Wisconsin-Madison on July 20, 1997 in acceptance of the 1997 Distinguished Alumni Award presented by the GLB Alumni Council/ WAA Board of Directors in recognition of achievements as a composer and a performer; first recipient who has distinguished him or her self in the arts;

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Unpublished Books and Articles

"Composer as Cross-Cultural Ambassador," 2010, 5 pages typescript

Italian for Singers, 1975, 113 pages typescript

"Juxtaposed Landscapes: An American Composer Journeys Into Japan," 1990, 9 pages typescript

"Mr. Parson His Songe," 1974, 4 pages typescript and 10 pages of manuscript (transcription of Robert Parson’s Songe)

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Unpublished Articles about Chester Biscardi

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Interviews and Panels

July 18, 2013: interview with Maura Valenti for Oral History of American Music (OHAM)

June 3, 2008: interview with Greg Berg and Richard Sjoerdsma on The Morning Show with Greg Berg on WGTD-Kenosha, Wisconsin. (Listen)

October 11, 1998: 50th birthday interview with Bruce Duffie on WNIB/WNIZ Classical 97-Chicago

March 14, 1995: Celebration of Words and Music: panel discussion with A. R. Ammons, poet, Denise Levertov, poet, Roberto Sierra, composer, Chester Biscardi, composer, Jane Wilkinson, composer, Steven Stucky, composer, James Webster, moderator, and Roald Hoffman, poet and Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. Barnes Hall, Cornell University

April 26, 1988: interview with Jane Meryll. Basis of "The Phenomenology of Composing: An Interview with Chet Biscardi, Composer," by Jane Meryll, 1994, Sarah Lawrence College, 16 pages typescript with three addenda, as well as "Composers’ Lives and Works: An Interview Study," by Jane Meryll and Margery B. Franklin, 1995, Sarah Lawrence College, 8 pages typescript, which was first read at a seminar entitled "Musical Spheres: Instructing, Composing and Listening" at the American Psychological Convention for Division 10, Psychology of the Arts, New York City, August 1995.

October 1985: Interview re Tight-Rope, WISC.TV, Channel 3, A CBS Affiliate; Madison, Wisconsin

October, 1985: Broadcast re Tight-Rope, Wisconsin Magazine TV; Madison, Wisconsin

October 6, 1985: Introduction to Tight-Rope from WHA-TV broadcast; Madison, Wisconsin